Guided Meditation

Meditation is a vast tradition that encompasses many different intentions, philosophies and techniques. We begin with the question “what interests you about meditation?” then develop a customizing a practice that fits your unique style and nature. 

You may want to meditate for rest and relaxation. You may be interested in cultivating a particular quality of emotion or attitude.  You may be interested in developing insight to the nature of life itself. Since each person comes to meditation with unique experiences and goals, it is important to adapt the practice accordingly. Within the wide range of techniques there is space for you to trust your own way of finding flow. The more a meditation fits your life, the more effective and satisfying it is likely to be. 

Freestyle Meditation

Learn the basic principles of Freestyle Meditation and how to customize the perfect practice for yourself. 

The Home Meditation Retreat

You don't need to go anywhere. Let Steven guide you through a 2.5 hour meditation retreat in the comfort of your own home.